associação comercial e industrial de arcos de valdevez e ponte da barca

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Benefits of ACIAB Associates

in Inglês
Created: 02 January 2020


ACIAB is an association geared towards the regional and national development of the economy, by providing its associates with the support required for maintaining a climate of progress.

Since its foundation in 1911, ACIAB has been committed to promoting its associates and providing them with the tools and conditions that allow them to compete and innovate. ACIAB has always been attentive to reality and the needs of its associates, overcoming problems as they arise and creating conditions for companies to grow.


ACIAB’s associates have various perks and benefits provided though the services at their disposal, giving them high quality competitive and entrepreneurial advantages, such as:

• Administrative Department/ Associate Support

• Fairs and Exhibitions Department

• Projects Department

• Accounting and Fiscal Department

• Communication and Marketing Department

• Training Department



Advantages of being an ACIAB associate:

Considering that ACIAB is a representative association, it offers its associates a set of services, which help companies’ performance and strengthen their capacities.

The contributions in favour of business associations are deductible at 150% of its value till 2º/oo of the company business volume, for IRC purposes (Article 40. º-A CIRC).



Associate Support Department 

• Administrative Support

• Preparation of employment contracts, working hours and schedules, letters and requests

• Information on the incorporation of companies, investment projects and labour legislation

• Advertising Licenses for establishments

• Commercial Registry - Registration and updated registration

• Complaints Book request

• Provide price lists and tables for the various industrial sectors

• Provide vacation plans and salary scales

• Other information



Project Department 

• Investor Support

• Elaboration of applications and monitoring of investment projects

• Supportive actions to help companies improve their skills in business management

• Training for Entrepreneurs

• Carryout company diagnosis and provide expert advice



Training Department 

• Training for businesses

• Training for entrepreneurs, executives and active workers

• Promotion of continuous training actions (annual training plan)

• Diagnosis of training needs and preparation of training plans



Fairs and Exhibitions Department 

• Promotion of economic and business activity

• Trade shows and thematic exhibitions

• Promotion and sales events



Accouting and Fiscal Department 

• Support and enterprises information

• Tax declarations for IRC, IRS and VAT (Business initiation, declarations and cessation)

• Fiscal consulting/codes - Legislation

• Fiscal information



Marketing and Comunications Department 

• Information Journal (Infoempresarial)

• Associate Promotion – Radio Valdevez and Radio Barca

• Associate Promotion – ACIAB’s website

• Informative Newsletters

• Protocols and Partnerships