associação comercial e industrial de arcos de valdevez e ponte da barca


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Created: 02 January 2020


The Commercial Association of Arcos de Valdevez was founded in 1911 and it has drawn its path with increasing intensity, be it with the enhancement of trade, services and industry of the Upper Minho, be it with the services provided to its associates.

During its existence, the Commercial Association of Arcos de Valdevez tried to be a competent and dynamic institution. However, after 1941 it was submitted to the severe rules of the New State (Estado Novo), which lead to a long period of immobility and during that time it was renamed Trade Guild of Arcos De Valdevez. In 1977, it recovered its initial status, in other words, its initial denomination (Commercial Association of Arcos de Valdevez) and it was due to a lot of hard work and commitment that it managed to maintain its head office and its associates.

In 1989 with the objective of creating a more dynamic Association, some local businessmen decided to engage and work for its development, recovering some of the lost associates and motivate others to register. These were the first established goals by the new board and they held the First Merchant Meeting between the two municipalities, Arcos de Valdevez and Ponte da Barca, in 1990, giving rise to its first Trade Show (Expovez ‘90).

In 1996, the Commercial Association of Arcos de Valdevez partially amended its Statute, altering its name to "ACIAB – Commercial and Industrial Association of Arcos de Valdevez and Ponte da Barca", covering the business tissue of the neighbouring municipality as well.

Over the years, this century-old institution has been instrumental in the development of the Minho Lima Region, coming a long way by continuously working to boost promotion and business development, through various initiatives, events, investment projects, training, seminars, workshops and other activities they promote on behalf of the companies in the region.

ACIAB is thus one of the most representative associations in the country, with 102 years of history.